Unique Services

Al Nokhitha Fund NAV (07/04/19)
AED 8.441, up 0.22% from 04/04/19

ADCB MSCI UAE Index Fund NAV (07/04/19)
AED 8.424, up 0.49% from 04/04/19

ADCB Arabian Markets Fund NAV (07/04/19)
USD 7.727, down 0.11% from 04/04/19


Call Centre

ADCB Securities is the first brokerage in the UAE to offer you the unique services of a dedicated Call Centre to assist you. You'll never have to wait again for your broker to take your call.

When you call our toll-free number 800 DEAL (3325), our security verification procedure will efficiently and securely verify your identity and help you with your request, ensuring you get the professional help you need when placing your orders.

ADCB Securities special service for high net worth individuals

For Excellency Members who have large portfolios and balances, ADCB Securities has created a luxurious lounge at ADCB's new Head Office in Abu Dhabi. Relax with some freshly brewed coffee and light refreshments.

Our Relationship Managers will give you undivided attention, specialized knowledge and personal service at your disposal. At ADCB Securities we are unreservedly committed to surpassing your expectations.