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Al Nokhitha Fund NAV (07/04/19)
AED 8.441, up 0.22% from 04/04/19

ADCB MSCI UAE Index Fund NAV (07/04/19)
AED 8.424, up 0.49% from 04/04/19

ADCB Arabian Markets Fund NAV (07/04/19)
USD 7.727, down 0.11% from 04/04/19


Welcome to the new shape of security, strength, flexibility and protection that is ADCB Securities. By seeing the present and the future through your eyes, and by listening to what you have to say, we are able to continually enhance our products and services. The ultimate reward of this foresight and understanding is a partnership that enables you to meet your every need and ambition. A partnership we're all committed to, every day.